Saturday, August 13, 2011

Reverse Applique

Well folks I am sure you have heard me talk about a new sewing technique I have found....reverse applique! I just love it! Now I have appliqued many things in the past and have gotten so frustrated when my machine or I mess up...and I refuse to applique on tee shirt or knit material! However when I ran across this technique in one of my Internet searches....I fell in love...and just knew that I could make some cute stuff for my little girl and teenagers!

OK  original idea that I located on the Internet said to use two tee shirts. One smaller than the other and layer together to make this work...I have found out that scraps of tee shirt material and cotton work just as well and don't create such a heavy shirt. I am hot natured so this is important!

Now first you need to decide on a design...for the tee shirt that I am showing you I choose a butterfly! I then choose my material...for this shirt I used three different colors.
The tee itself is an eggplant I choose a purple and white print and green for the wings with a kinda medium purple for the body of the butterfly.

Turn your tee shirt inside out and lay out your material. Pin as needed to hold it to the front of your shirt. Just make sure you only pin through one layer of tee shirt material!

Now if you are confident and artistic enough to sew your chosen pattern onto your shirt free hand...then by all means go for it! I have to have a pattern to go by or everything looks whooper-jawed to me!
I started with the body of my bug....then did the outside and inside of my wings. Just use a straight stitch around your pattern...nothing complecated!
Last but not least using a pair of pointy ended sharp scissors carefully cut out the inside of each pattern...showing the layer of fabric that you want to be seen. I then go back and trim the excess material from the inside of the shirt! The only thing I added to this was my butterflies antenna with glitter paint!

Happy Sewing!
God Bless,
Mama D

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