Gastric Bypass

OK....I have wanted to share my adventures with my gastric bypass surgery for a while now....I am frequently asked "how did you lose your weight?" I have gotten to the point where I give a really simple answer and just go on...however it opens the door for questions and freely given advice!

When I make a life altering decision...I don't do it do research, I weigh pros and cons, I talk to my loved ones and my husband and I ultimately make the best decision for us that we possibly can. During this entire time we pray and let God lead our lives.

Everything I share with you is purely my opinion. This is not coming from a doctor but from a patient. I just hope that it helps someone......

I have decided that I am gonna try to do this on a biweekly basis....I have too many topics to try and do it weekly....and I have far to much to share to do it in just a couple of hang on tight here we go!!!

God Bless, Mama D

The Choice
Gastric Bypass VS. Lap Band
Prep For Surgery
Surgery and Hospital Stay
Post Surgery and Eating Again
Weight Loss Chart with Pictures
Mama D's Protein Shakes