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Gastric Bypass Adventures 6

Gastric Bypass Adventures 6

Post Surgery-Eating Again

Well when I last left you, Tool Man had brought me home and put me to bed after coming home from a doctor's appointment and my release from the hospital. I was so happy to be home! But quickly discovered that sleeping in bed wasn't going to be comfortable for a I retired to the recliner in the living room. Much more comfortable and much easier to get up from when you have an incision on your belly! The Bear (who was 4 years old at the time) was warned that Mommy's tummy got fixed and that we had to be careful around her. Bear was in the habit of dive bombing people from across the room when she wanted attention or to sit with you!
24 days after surgery!

So with me settled in the recliner in the living room...Tool Man was left to run the house for a little while. Before my surgery I had made a big chart and left it on the fridge to what I could and could not eat! Of course I had to start out with things like chicken broth, canned is not my favorite....and saltines. I graduated from a single saltine cracker for the entire day to eating scrambled eggs, which happen to be one of my comfort foods! I quickly learned that my hubby as sweet as he is...doesn't know how to make scrambled eggs...he gets to impatient and turns the heat up to high! But that first scrambled egg that he made me after my surgery was pure ambrosia! Of course I ate about two bites and was full...but it was a wonderful two bites.

They suggest that you not drink before you at at this time....the liquid fills your tummy and you can't eat what you need. Considering I am one of those people that have a hard time eating without something to drink....this was kinda hard for me! You are also warned not to lie down after eating or drinking for at least 15 minutes....and believe me these are wise words!

I eventually graduated to being able to eat crackers and cheese. That is still my all time favorite food! Eating has been a trail and error process for me over the last couple of years. For those of you that have never been around someone who has had this surgery....well....we tend to throw up a lot! I feel really luck if I go several days without throwing something up. That is what I meant by the whole trail and error thing. Some days I can eat certain foods and they stay down...other days they don't...some days nothing stays down! It all depends on what I eat and if I have taken my stomach meds that day.

The only prescription that I am currently taking is Nexium....which keeps my stomach lined out so that I can eat. I don't know if everyone that has had this surgery is on some kind of acid reducer medication....but if I don't take mine....I get to where I throw everything up, no matter what it is...and I start having severe stomach this is a necessary medication for me. I learned the hard way to take this medication on a daily I am currently taking a much more economical version of this that I obtain over the don't panic and think you have to take this high priced medication....the stuff that you can get over the counter works just fine...for me at least!

After my surgery trying to get my protein shakes and my newly required vitamins down was a chore! And one that I didn't take quietly! I still don't like either but have been at this game long enough to see the benefits of both...and also the consequences of not taking them! Without my protein shakes....I have no energy! I get sick and start filling weak...anyone that knows me knows how busy I keep myself! I NEED that protein to keep going everyday ! My issue was that trying to drink 8 oz. of fluid in one setting was difficult. Getting three 8 oz. protein shakes and all my vitamins in everyday took up all my time (it seemed) and trying to fit real food in there was hard.

My vitamins, now I don't notice so much with them, but ladies if you have ever taken prenatal vitamins....super shiny, growing hair, strong, hard nails, glowing skin!!! This is what you get from bariatric vitamins. Now when I first began this journey I took about 10 vitamins a day...all in pill form! I hate taking pills....especially handfuls of them multiple times a day! Fortunately for me they came out with a chewable vitamins that you only have to take 4 times a day and just one at a time...and they have all you need plus some! My favorite kind is Baratric Fusion, Mixed Berry Flavor...they taste like Flintstones Vitamins to me

My last issue that I will share with you was the not bending over thing! Can you imagine being an independent woman...that likes to do her own dishes, laundry...OK hold on I don't necessarily like doing those chores, I just get embarrassed when someone else has to do them for me and I am not in a condition to take care of my family me being me was driven crazy by the fact that I wasn't supposed to bend over to load my dishwasher or take clothes from the dryer. I had to depend on my mother and husband for all these things....unless I caught them gone!

I was so happy when I had my checkup with Dr. Warnock. He said that I was doing good and could start eating fresh fruits and veggies again! The first thing that Tool Man did was take me to Logan's Steak House for lunch...I of course ordered a salad and look longingly at the rolls. But my salad was wonderful! I was just happy to be able to eat real food again! Soft stuff gets old after a couple of weeks! And of course the fact that I had already lost about 32 lbs didn't hurt anything!!

As most of you can tell....there are some really not fun, pleasant or otherwise glamorous about this surgery. BUT if you know of someone besides me that has had this surgery and you ask them if it was worth it and if they would do it all over will probably get a resounding yes! Well from me you would! Honestly it is not easy being careful all the time! But when my little girl can wrap her arms all the way around me and give me a hug. Or my husband gives me "that" look! Or when I can confidently say that I am living healthy! I think it is all worth it!

I hope that those on Spring Break this week have a happy and safe one! I am nearing the end of my story....I intend on adding some my protein shake recipes and my weight loss chart...oh and some skinny pics to go along with all these fat pics!

Until next time!
God Bless,
Mama D

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