Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Chart

Weight Loss Chart for Me not every one's weight loss will go like this after surgery....some of you will do better, some worse! It all depends on your body, how you take care of yourself and which version of this surgery you had. And yes it is very possible to gain your weight back! So you have to be careful! I have managed to maintain my weight with in 5 lbs for the last 18 months.

Starting Doctor's visit October 9, 2008-weight 299lbs
Surgery preformed Dec. 2
First Doctors visit after surgery Dec 5th-weight 286lbs (-13)
Second Doctors visit after surgery Dec 13th-weight 266lbs (-32lbs)

December 2008
January- weight 259 (-40 lbs)
February- weight 246 (-53 lbs)
March- weight 237 (-62 lbs)
April- weight 229 (-70 lbs)
May- weight 220 (-79 lbs)

May 2009
June- weight 217 (-82 lbs)
July- weight 209 (-90 lbs)
August- weight 195 (-104 lbs)
September- 192 (-107 lbs)
October- 191 (108 lbs)
November- 186 (-113lbs)
December- 179 (-120 lbs)

Christmas 2009
Mama D, Tool Man and The Bear!
It took me about a year total to lose my weight. I have maintain my weight at 175 to 180 lbs, since December of 2009. My doctor suggested this weight in hopes that I would agree to have a tummy tuck done which would eliminate the excess skin in my belly area. That however is at later post.

Christmas 2010
Lil' Sis, My Momma, and Mama D
Well as of November of 2010 I had officially gone from a size 28W to a 14W! I was so proud to get down into that size 14!!! I got new Wranglers and a belt for Christmas this year to celebrate!!! If you can't tell I am a jeans and tee shirt kinds woman....give me my Chukkas and I am perfectly comfortable!

Until next time, God Bless,
Mama D

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