Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy Days!

As you can see this three headed person looks very happy....well sort of!!! Tool Man, the Teenager and myself were having fun posing for My Momma on the Teenager's recent birthday...doesn't she look happy!!!!!

I must apologize to all my faithful followers...I have been absent from the blogging world for a couple of weeks....days...or has it been a month?? I am not quite sure???

I have been in a fog for the past month or see the Tool Man and I received some wonderful news!!!! I"m pregnant!!! We are so happy and feel so blessed!! We are hoping that our new little one makes it's appearance sometime in October (a very long time from now!) and that he/she is healthy and ready to face this wild and crazy world!!!

Finding out that I was pregnant sent me into a panic of what all needs to be accomplished in the next couple of months. Preparation for the coming's been seven years folks! And finishing moving....

OK for those of you that don't darling Grandmother passed away this past June....I miss her very much...but she left me an inheritance ....Grandpa, the dog, and the house! Grandpa is diabetic and blind...a whole story in himself...but I do my best to take care of him in his own home where he is comfortable. The dog, Mr. Bo Jangles, and no I am not making up his name! That's what Grandma named him...however he looks like Toto off the Wizard of Oz so we just call him Bo Bo for short. And their house, which has always felt like home to husband and I only lived a short distance away but felt that Grandpa would do better and we would have more room if we moved in with him instead of vice versa.

Well my grandparents got married in 1942 and they NEVER moved! So my task over last several months has been to clean out, rearrange, sort, organize, repurpose, and generally turn my grandmother's house up side down! My husband and I feel very blessed to have this home and to have Grandpa in our lives...but there have been several adjustments on all our parts! I have left Grandpa's room intact and his path to and from the kitchen is the same....but most everything else has been rearranged.

My main tasks that I set up for myself this last month was rearranging my daughter's room and completely cleaning out the "craft" closet so that I could organize it to my liking. My daughter's room is done until we move what remains in our old house...and I have about half of the craft closet cleaned out! Once I have completed the cleaning out process I intend to sort and organize what I have decided to keep and my craft things (and hopefully with my Momma's help) will have a craft/stuff closet that I can locate my things in!

Once everything is done I will post pics...but until then...well it is a mess beyond belief that scares me!!!

However I do have some fun plans, some tutorials, and new recipes planned for the coming weeks. Tool Man, Daddy and I are planting a garden this year and I will be posting progress reports, right now we have onions, garlic, and potatoes in the a couple of weeks...much much more! I am so excited! All I have managed to grow in the past is squash and zucchini! This year I am looking forward to a year if everything goes well a expanded garden!!!

We are also getting baby chicks in about another week or so....this is a new adventure for me! We had chickens when I was a kid but I never really dealt with them too much...that was my brother's chore...but I keep seeing fresh eggs and fresh meat! So here we go...luckily my Daddy has raised chickens...and he lives a half a mile down the he will be my mentor for this adventure! I am so excited!!!

I am also breaking out my sewing machine as soon as all my sorting and organizing is finished! I have a little girl that has a 38" chest at the age of 6 1/2 and she needs a Easter Dress by the end of April! And the new baby is going to be cloth diapered and I need to get busy making diapers!!!

If you can't tell the next couple of months are gonna be busy around here and I hope that you enjoy the ride with me! Check out my post later tonight....I made Stuffed Pasta Shells for Teenager #2!!!!

God Bless,
Mama D

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