Monday, April 4, 2011

Lilla Rose

Isn't this beautiful??? This is a Lila Rose Flexi Clip for those of you who are looking at this sure is pretty but what is it??? This is the neatest hair deal that I have found in a long time. They come in about 6 different sizes and fit ALL hair types....from my super thick hair to someones else's super thin hair.....this happens to be the Majestic Cross that is their April special. I ordered two of these in March ...a Medium size one for me ( just below shoulder length, thick hair) and a Large for Teenager #1 whose hair is super long and super thick....I love mine! It's comfortable, versitile and once you get the hang of it easy to use!!!

The above Link will take you to a consultant named Paula Ramm's website where there are videos explaining how these Flexi clips work! I love mine!!!
So go check it out even if you are just curious and don't have hair long enough to fool with...they make wonderful gifts!!!

God Bless, Mama D

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