Saturday, April 23, 2011

Updated Garden Pics

Well I have been super excited this week because my garden is just sprouting away!!! I got out tonight and took some more pics because I am so proud! Also my Daddy bought me some tomato and pepper plants to replace those that I lost last week due to my lack of knowledge and the wind/sand storm we had! We took extra care and placed 5 gallon buckets with the bottom cut out around each little plant! Looks kinda funny but both my Daddy and Daddy In Law say that it will do the trick!

My Corn and Squash!!! Daddy planted the squash with the corn??? Said they could grown in the same row....I just think I am gonna have a lot of squash!

Green Beans ....aren't they sweet?

Corn and green beans....theory is that pole beans will grow up corn stalks??? I am such a novice...I just do what I am told!

Baby Okra! Now my Carrots didn't come up...and this has happened another year...Don't know what it is about carrots....does anyone have any idea???

Tomato Plant in a bucket! All nice and protected!

All my buckets...with a plant in each one. Tomatoes and Bell Peppers and one Sweet Banana plant....I'm so proud!

Now this is Tool Man's experiment tubs...he took the extra seed that we had and put them in these syrup tubs (you have cows like we have lots of syrup tubs). He got dirt....really good cow dirt aka cow poop...from the calf lot and used it pure. Not sure if this is too "hot" but we will see!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
God Bless,
Mama D

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