Monday, April 4, 2011

What We Ate Last Week

What We Ate Last Week....

Well me being me came up with the great idea to tell you what we actually ate for the week instead of what I planned to cook for the upcoming week....and I have failed to post this the last couple of weeks. Mainly because I haven't really followed any sort of menu plan, lots of things have been happening and I have just generally not felt like menu planning, or cooking, or get the idea. So I am sorry that I failed in my mission. I how ever have learned a very important lesson....the only way I can stick with my budget, make good healthy meals for my family and not fail into the trap of to Menu Plan! At least loosely!  Having a general idea of the ingredients that I have in the pantry and freezer with a few adaptable meals planned around those ingredients, helps!!! Also considering that I am in that dreaded first trimester of pregnancy...where I literally have days where all I want to do is sleep..having quick and easy stand bys is essential!

Now for those of you that don't know I bake bread about once a I am down to one baking day will be tommorrow! I generally make about 4 to 8 loaves a week....depending on what is going on that week. Yes I know that 8 loaves of bread is a lot! But I keep some on hand in the freezer for those friends that want to buy a couple of loaves, for gifts or just to take over to Momma and Daddy's house! So some weeks I make more than others to keep my stock up!

Breakfast is pretty simple around here....The Bear eats Cold cereal, I generally eat hot cereal and the men folk want eggs, bacon or sausage and toast or biscuits. And when I am in the mood I make pancakes, waffles, sausage gravy or omlets.

Breakfast is also one of those fall back meals....I make bacon or sausage on a daily basis anyways, eggs are always in the fridge and I rarely run out of bread! So when I am tired we eat breakfast for dinner!

Last week Teenager #2 was home for Spring Break so I tried to make as many meals that she liked as possible! I only get to spoil her on occassion and I cook differently than her Mom and Step-Dad the week was full of food that Teenager #2 likes.

Sunday -Fried Chicken and Rotisserie Chicken, Fried Okra, Mashed Potatos and Green Beans (we were in a hurry after church so hit the Deli at United)

Monday - Oven Grilled Steaks, Baked Potatos and Broccoli and Cheese

Tuesday - Spaghetti, Corn and Garlic Bread

Wednesday - Stuffed Pasta Shells, Corn and Green Salad

Thursday - Smothered Hamburger Patties, Fried Potatos and Homestyle Green Beans
Friday - Beef With Peppers

Saturday -  What Ever We Could Find!

This week...well My Lil' Brother is having his tonsils removed so towards the end of the week we will be doing lots of soups and soft foods....but I will post anything new throughout the week!
Praying that you have a blessed week ahead,
Mama D

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